Intelligent Transportation Systems

The US Department of Transportation, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office Home defines ITS as follows:

ITS improves transportation safety and mobility and enhances productivity through the use of advanced communications technologies.Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) encompass a broad range of wireless and wire line communications-based information and electronics technologies.  When integrated into the transportation system's infrastructure, and in vehicles themselves, these technologies relieve congestion, improve safety and enhance American productivity.

Source: ITS Joint Program Office Home / US DOT

The market for devices and services in ITS is estimated (conservatively) at approximately US$ 9 billion for 2005. For homeland security, many ITS solutions are readily available and could be rapidly deployed.
Working with a leader in license-free frequency-hopping spread-spectrum (FHSS) technology for wireless communications in ITS and homeland security applications, has provided me with good insight into those markets, the players and challenges.