Leveraging the USP Finding and defining the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is most likely the hardest tasks for the entrepreneur and small business owner. To the entrepreneur and everybody inside the company, things are clear as broth — if only everybody outside the company would get it, too… A clearly defined USP, as much as a clearly defined Mission and Vision for the company, can guide every activity, provide 'true north' for every decision. Bringing the USP across, communicating it to customers and partners is crucial for a company's success. If customers can easily identify what makes a specific company unique, how that company stands out from the rest, that's when they will choose that vendor over everybody else. With a little research into existing customers, the market and the company itself, a USP can be defined rather quickly. Along the way, the company's Vision and Mission, that is where the company wants to be in so many years and how it plans to get there, will crystalize as well.

Three aspects of the USP
Three aspects of the USP:
The Unique Sales Proposition defines the merge of customers, market and product .